The Journey of the Brand, words from the Founder:

Social Responsibility has been at the core of my life since an early age and at the age of 14, my passion finally got a direction.  The direction with a hazy path led to the birth of Mission20 as a non-profit youth organization and after a decade, Mission20 transformed into a social enterprise with the divisions focusing on startups and it’s another division, Mission20 Foundation, focusing on social responsibility.

It all began with a thought, when I was in Dubai for a 1-year degree program, sitting at the Mamzar beach. That night some amazing ideas came to my mind, a t-shirt businessa clothing brand of my ownsupporting refugees through the brand; a lot of mixed ideas were running through my mind.  I went back home as it was late, tried to sleep but I couldn’t, opened my diary and wrote down the whole plan. Eventually, the plan had developed a lot and took many shapes after proper research and advices. My dream is coming true, I am inspired by a few other brands but I want to have a different image for Solanki Peace and the concept behind it. The brand is proudly born in Qatar & is ready to reach out to the world with its message of peace & sophistication. The brand is trendy, classic and adheres to giving quality fashion, along with strong sense of social responsibility. As a social enterprise, the brand also aims to provide the refugees and homeless with food, clothing, shelter, healthcare or education through the strong belief on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, a global vision to be fulfilled by 2030. The causes will be based on the needs and emergency. We want to create products which will give our customers a reason to own Solanki Peace products - the quality, design and attached human values!

After a long and tedious journey of identifying the right designs followed by many trials, errors, experimenting & seeking opinions, as well as traveling, in search for the right fabric & the right manufacturer who would carry the same values for humanity as I do and would be ethical in dealings with the hard-working employees, we came up with the best we could. This was also accompanied by the aim of learning & improving on the way. This field is very different from my family’s interests in business, which is why this has been a challenge for me to prove. It was my persistence that led me to create this brand, because I believe ‘It does not matter how slow I start or move forward as far as I don't stop’.

Our brand incorporates the message of peace - the thing our world needs a lot of right now. A lot of calamities and tragedy take place due to the absence of peace and to make the world a better place, peace is what we require today. Solanki Peace is a clothing brand that will make everyone as well as me proud. The brand would have never existed if Mission20 wouldn’t be there, so definitely all the social responsibility initiatives of Solanki Peace will be done in partnership with Mission20 Foundation playing the role of its social arm.   

New Symbol of Peace, the logo is very dear to me and I hope you like it too. It is my personal statement of Peace and what this brand stands for which is, “spreading peace and rehabilitation of the refugees and homeless”, with my tagline “#MissionPeace”. The peace hand gesture on the logo is a unique one and symbolizes the god-gifted extra finger next to the thumb of my left hand. I call it the new symbol of peace because the existing ones have failed to bring peace; the support this new symbol can receive is through acceptance and purchasing the products because that is ultimately going to help our social responsibility projects.

Amanat Solanki

Our Commitment, the dual purpose!

The brand intends to provide a platform through which individuals can fulfill dual purposes – one, satisfying personal needs and two, at the same time allowing the individuals to contribute to charitable causes, especially those related to the welfare & rehabilitation of refugees and homeless (food, shelter, clothing, healthcare and education) through Mission20 Foundation and registered humanitarian organizations. It’s a long dream of the founder to provide quality and elegant clothing to the community and fulfill the dreams of those who cannot afford such clothing, with the help of those who can.